Everyday Ornament

Vivet Adèle

My project is a series of ceramic stools, vases and linoleum carpets. I’m convinced that decor still has to exist. Ornamentation is a way to give a special value to my pieces. I created these to imply some observations, my wonderings on contemporary stakes, as well as the gaze with which I see the world. Based on this notion, I drew thousands of illustrations that raise the idea of plentifulness and 'everywhere ornaments'.

Object, Book/text, Installation

EKWC (European Ceramic Work Center

Adèle Vivet is a designer-artist who takes her inspiration into memory. Through drawing, design and craftmanship, Adèle tells and gives shape to personal and collective worlds. Her graphic and functional creations are accurate and are always taking for granted our contemporary landscape. She is deeply convinced by the importance of beauty and fight for this right.